Some say the end of the world starts tomorrow. Seems a bit late.

Hey, everyone – get a load of this: Some soothsayers out there are claiming the End of the World will start tomorrow!

Ha! I mean, seriously. How many times have we been told the apocalypse is coming, only to have those Rapture dates come and go with nothing more dramatic than a few clouds drifting through the sky?

This time it’s something about how a constellation will appear over Jerusalem, signaling a long stretch of cataclysmic natural disasters which will…

[Nervously reads about string of deadly hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires currently ravaging the planet…]

Well, it’s been a good run…

What we’re talking about

About two dozen dogs and cats displaced from the U.S. Virgin Islands by Hurricane Irma have arrived in southern Maine for veterinary care and, ultimately, adoption. The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland is urging locals to consider adopting pets now to make room for the incoming animals, who will need about two weeks in quarantine before they can be picked up by new families. Assuming the world still exists at that point.

Also in “Saving Animals” news, the Maine Turnpike Authority will pay to build a large culvert to allow turtles to safely cross under what has been the most dangerous roadway in the state for them. As part of its new York tollbooth project, the authority will construct the turtle-friendly passageway under Route 236 in Eliot, which bisects a natural habitat for the dwindling turtle population there.

Also in “Maine Authority” news, John Henshaw, who oversaw the Maine Port Authority during the $45 million expansion of Portland’s International Marine Terminal and the return of global container shipping, stepped down this week, the Portland Press Herald reported. In his resignation letter, Henshaw wrote that he’s leaving at a time when “the future appears bright for the port authority,” according to the Press Herald.

Also in “People Leaving Things” news, State Rep. Mark Grohman, who represents part of Biddeford, announced he’s leaving the Democratic Party to become an independent. He’s the third House Democrat since May to leave the party, following Portland’s Denise Harwell and Brooksville’s Ralph Chapman. The defection slims the Democratic majority in the House to just four seats, although all three former Dems have said they’ll likely continue to side with the left on most issues. Grohman said he’s disturbed by the influence of special interest groups on Maine politics.

Portland is the new Gotham. Sean Murphy is the writer and artist behind DC Comics’ newest Batman comic book series, and the locally-based Murphy told the Portland Press Herald he used City Hall and other local scenery to inspire the artwork in the series.

A Massachusetts judge unsealed the police reports in the tragic quadruple murder case in which Rockport native Orion Krause, 22, is accused of killing his mother, grandparents and a local home health care provider. The BDN’s Alex Acquisto has new details about the crime from those newly released documents here.

Tweet of the day

From CBS 13’s Lexie O’Connor, with non-cataclysmic weather news to help your weekend planning:

The Big Idea

Scientists have discovered the first brainless organism that sleeps. After a long search, they found him writing this newsletter every day. Kidding. I actually don’t sleep well. So anyway, because sleeping naturally makes creatures vulnerable to predators, among other disadvantages, the prevailing theory has been that if it wasn’t necessary to regularly rejuvenate brain function, we all would have evolved to not need it. But new research indicates that brainless jellyfish sleep. So there goes that idea.

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