Maine is taking Taylor Swift’s advice

Undoubtedly frustrated by politics in Augusta, the state of Maine has taken the sage advice of Taylor Swift the Wise.

Shake it off,” she said. And so Maine did. With a series of earthquakes this week that brings the state’s June total to about twice its recent monthly average, Maine has been desperately trying to “shake it off.”

The state is basically like a long-haired dog when it gets out of a pond, at this point.

In other news…

What we’re talking about

Those of you who like to ski will be encouraged to know that Saddleback Mountain Resort, the state’s third largest ski resort, is under new ownership after being closed to skiers the last two winters. The Australia-based Majella Group, which has ties to the historic Williston-West Church in Portland, is pledging to revive the Rangeley resort as a destination.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sent a birthday message to 111-year-old Dorris Farrar in Freeport. “Hopefully, I get to half that age,” Brady says in his video recording for Dorris. At the rate he’s going, he might still be winning Super Bowls at half that age.

One day after I Tweeted a picture of myself with a boa constrictor in Portland, one was found loose on a porch in Biddeford. No, I did not put it there. (The boa I met in Longfellow Square was accompanied by a human handler, so I doubt they’re even the same snake…)

This video of southern Maine researchers plucking ticks off a bird’s eye is weirdly hard to look away from. The BDN’s Jackie Farwell explains in her story how and why they’re doing it.

Another day, another deadline for lawmakers to get a state budget approved in order to avert a government shutdown on July 1. The last time a budget impasse forced a shutdown was 1991, but as the BDN’s Christopher Cousins writes, there have been a few close calls in the decades since then. A late save this time around seems unlikely. As an interesting side note: An analysis by the Portland Press Herald’s Christian Milneil found that a proposed surcharge on higher incomes to raise more money for education, which Republicans in Augusta have adamantly opposed during the budget talks, would disproportionately affect Mainers in southern, hard left-leaning districts.

Tweet of the day

From the BDN’s Darren Fishell, with an assist to Farwell, who wrapped up the Senate’s Obamacare replacement bill’s impact on Mainers with a handy infographic:

You can read the analysis behind that infographic here.

The Big Idea

Ancient Egyptian parents dealt with the same crap with their kids as you do with yours. Famous archaeologist and Maine native Sarah Parcak writes in this commentary that her work studying artifacts from past civilizations has given her comfort as a modern parent. “I have read descriptions of schoolboys in ancient Egypt not paying attention and just generally being obnoxious, because … that’s how kids act when they’re bored,” she explains. “My point here: As a modern-day parent, it’s easy to think you’re alone. Yet, all parents throughout time have been dealing with the same crap.”

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