Portland’s pigeon whispering poet has a rap for all the haters

Starr Sarabia is the guy you’ve seen in Congress Square talking with, kissing and feeding the pigeons. People call him the Pigeon Whisperer. He knows many of the birds by name and often poses for tourist snaps with a dozen of his feathery friends perched on his arms, shoulders and head.

This is the fourth in an occasional series of videos giving flight to some of Sarabia’s word sculptures.

Be aware, Starr uses the “N” word in this poem. It’s an intense though, ultimately, uplifting piece of work.

Rap for the Haters

So, WHO’S the minority?
Yo, WHO YOU callin’ lessa?
Where YOU come off talkin’
like you’re some rent-a-proFESSA?

You’re a bigot, yo.
YOU know.
You’re never lettin’ freedom ring!
Keep talkin’, punk, with all yo junk
You ain’t contributin’ a friggin’ thing!

‘N who’s the “NIGGER?”
Who’s the “WIGGER?”
Are ya man enuff 2 rip the trigger, bro?
Just pull it-
Pump ‘nother bullet in my head!

They should throw yo evil ass in jail
‘n leaves ya up 4 dead ‘long with
yo father and yo mutha
cuz they couldn’t teach ya any otha WAY
2 go, but 2 HATE, y’know.

That’s why you’re so fulla PREJudice!
Y’ oughtta listen up 2 THIS:

Stop judgin’ folks by their appearance
or the color o’ their skin!
We need an attitude adjustment QUICK
o’else we’ll NEVER win!

It takes an open mind 2 dig
the diff’rences in otha CULtures
‘n we ain’t ever gonna get there
if we keep on bein’ VULtures!

‘Sides, who can help the way they’re born?
2 segregate is not our fate.
Yo, if the action was affirmative,
there wouldn’t be cause 4 debate!

If everyone was treated equal
’n respected for their way,
there’d be no color lines!
We’d overthrow RAC-ism
and the Triple K!

It’s all about the power, bro
that’s so within our reach
and if we’d educate each other, boo,
there’d be no hate 2 teach!


c 2016 Starr/White Chocolate Books

To find out more about Sarabia or to buy copies of his poetry books you can friend him on Facebook or email him at whitechocolatebooks@yahoo.com. All volumes are $10.00. He donates 10 percent of the proceeds to Preble Street, which provides services to those struggling with homelessness, hunger, and poverty in Portland.

Troy R. Bennett

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