The Portland Museum of Art is capitalizing on the Pokemon Go craze with a new game

The press photo for PMA Go. Courtesy of the Portland Museum of Art.

The press photo for PMA Go. Courtesy of the Portland Museum of Art.

The Portland Museum of Art is looking to draw people to its collection with the release of a new Pokemon Go themed game, where users collect famous works of art instead of virtual monsters.

With the release of PMA Go, the PMA becomes the “first art museum in the country to use the premise of Pokémon Go to get its art collection out into the community,” according to a Sept. 1 news release

The PMA version of the game is played in the web browser of phones, instead of a standalone app, like Pokemon Go. 

“It’s a perfect way to get people out and about in our city, while discovering incredible works of art,” PMA Director Mark Bessire said in the release, which was first reported by MaineBiz. “We’ve been looking for unique opportunities to share our collection beyond the bricks of our campus, reimagining what art can do and the role it can play in our day to day lives.”

Along with the bragging rights of catching all of the Renoirs in Portland, you can earn rewards for collecting works. The rewards range from books to film tickets. 

“It’s just fun,” said Bessire in the release. “And museums could always use a little more fun.”

The game was developed in conjunction with Portland-based marketing group The VIA Agency. 

The Maine Historical Society has held tours of historical sites in Portland using Pokemon Go as a draw.